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Development of custom designed systems employing plasma technology and photoelectrochemical methods for the production and treatment of organic and inorganic materials, energy conversion and analysis systems.

Process technology (liquid, gaseous and electric media) is employed at atmosphere and vacuum for the design, realisation and testing of newl development process and system concepts. The experience of 20 years' fundamental research in plasma, laser and nanoparticle physics expanded by 10 years of industrial production and development in large area vacuum deposition for solar energy absorption (PV and thermal) is employed for advancing sustainable methods for energy conversion and industrial production processes.

Two directions are favoured:

  • Plasma technology for optimizing process efficiency.
  • Hydrogen production method via direct or indirect solar energy conversion.

Analysis and process methods employed are mostly developed in-house and can thus be flexibly modified according to the needs for any application in this domain. The strong support from the various development laboratories (mechanical design, power electronics) as well as electrical and mechanical workshops allows efficient feasibility studies and prototyping.

Applied Research & Development 

  • Plasma applications
  • Dielectric barrier discharge (DBD)
  • Inactivation of microorganisms
  • Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD)
  • Power to gas
  • Electrolysis systems
  • Hydrogen production


Inductively and capacitively coupled vacuum plasma reactors, dielectric barrier discharge systems, alkaline electrolysis, methanation reactor, FTIR, mass spectroscopy, optical emission spectroscopy, picosecond laser UV.


Custom designed system engineering for development and analysis.