General admission requirements are published in the bachelor degree admission regulations for the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland and comply with the provisions of the Swiss national law on universities of applied sciences.

The conditions (information here in French or German) which vary from one area of study to another are specified in the regulations. Conditions are the same for all students in the same department regardless of where the students choose to study.


Secondary school diploma

Conditions of access

Vocational baccalaureate

Direct access depending on the type of baccalaureate and apprenticeship or access upon completion of a one-year work placement in relation with the field of study. => Discover here the requirements concerning the professional experience for the Bachelor in Tourism (document in french)


Access upon completion of a one-year work placement in relation with the field of study.

Specialized baccalaureate

Direct access depending on how the area of specialization connects to the desired department of study at the UAS or access upon completion of a one-year work placement in relation with the field of study.

Technical / professional college degree

Admission of graduates of technical / professional colleges ins is detailed in recommendations of the Swiss conference of UAS's.

Foreign qualifications

Same conditions provided that the qualification is recognized as the equivalent of one of the above-mentionsed Swiss qualifications.  More information

Qualifications not mentioned above

Candidates aged 25 and above who do not meet the admission requirements but who have acquired equivalent knowledge and skills through work experience can apply for admission.


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Pre-study work requirements

Our job portal includes jobs and internships for students and future students. Work experience in the following areas can fulfil admission requirements:

  • Reception, hotels
  • Reception, transport offices
  • Ticket sales, mountain railway companies
  • Secretariat, ski schools or sports and leisure providers
  • Service, catering
  • Sales, retail trade
  • Customer service, service providers

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Foreign language requirments

The UAS Valais / Wallis is a bilingual, even plurilingual, learning environment. As a result, foreign language courses including training in French, German, and English for professional purposes, are part of the curricula. Candidates for admission to the UAS are expected to have at least a B2 level in these three languages according to the European Common Framework of Reference for languages.  The school provides intensive pre-study courses for candidates who do not have the required level.

For students who wish to study in a language different from their mother tongue, a C1 certificate in the language of study is recommended.

Recognition of work / life experience (in French)

Recognition of work / life experience (in German)