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Thursday 02 November 2023 08:05

Promoting social development in Valais

The School of Social Work (HESTS) has created Valreso, a network for researchers and professionals from the social sector in Valais. The aim of this network is to understand and influence change and social development in the canton and to strengthen cooperation between social stakeholders, the canton and the HES-SO Valais-Wallis. It will have a simple structure and will be managed by a strategic committee.  

In order to respond to the evolution and complexity of today's society, this network, together with its partners, will carry out projects that will contribute to the emergence of innovative practices and public policies that will promote social integration. The aim of these projects will be to identify current challenges (social cohesion, economic, social and gender inequalities, integration, ageing populations, etc.) and develop solutions that meet the needs of practitioners and the canton.  

The network intends to strengthen the scientific significance of social work and, more generally, social issues in the Valais, for the benefit of both those involved in the field and the population as a whole. In addition to carrying out commissioned research and offering professional development courses, it will showcase the research carried out in Valais on its website and in its newsletters. It will also organise conferences and informal meetings for representatives from research, politics and social work.