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Tuesday 03 August 2021 09:32

Co-authored by Randolf Ramseyer, doctoral fellow at the Service Design Lab, the article Social design in the Tataouine region: a pragmatic and interdisciplinary codesign approach was published in the journal Sciences du Design.

This article presents the interdisciplinary experience of social design lived in Tataouine, Tunisia. It adopts a pragmatic approach whose principles valorise experience, participatory processes of codesign and project-grounded research. To instantiate our model of codesign, the initial idea and motivation were issued by a public integrator (Tataouine governorate) holding an untapped resource (the ksour) and wishing to develop new services to strengthen regional attractiveness and promote local actors. The vision of the project is therefore to capitalise on the links established between the institutions and to encourage cooperation and exchange between professors and experts from different disciplines. The aim of this article is to produce a reflection on the action after the event by highlighting the methodological choices and the constitution of the lived experience.