Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) refers to the ability of a device to function properly without generating or being subjected to undesirable electromagnetic inference in its environment. It aims to ensure that different equipment coexist and operate without harmful electromagnetic disturbances. EMC standards are established to minimise such interference and ensure that the equipment complies with the regulations in force.

Pre-conformity testing

Pre-conformity testing identifies potential EMC problems at an early stage in the product development process. It is designed to detect sources of electromagnetic interference in order to make modifications to improve the overall conformity of the product prior to final certification. Ideally, these tests are carried out throughout the design cycle, right from the first major development stages, allowing you to quickly remedy any problems.

Our laboratory

Our laboratory, located in Sion in Valais, is equipped with a fully anechoic chamber for measurements at 3 meters distance (see picture below). We offer support from the first major stages of the design of your product, helping you to identify the appropriate standards and carrying out pre-conformity tests to eliminate the sources of failure.

Our services:

  • Conducted Emission: IEC 61000-6-3 / IEC 61000-6-4
  • Radiated Emission: IEC 61000-6-3 / IEC 61000-6-4
  • ESD Immunity: IEC 61000-4-2
  • Limitation of voltage changes (Flicker): IEC 61000-3-3 / IEC 61000-3-11
  • Burst Immunity: IEC 61000-4-4
  • Surge Immunity: IEC 61000-4-5
  • Limit of Harmonic current: IEC 61000-3-2 / IEC 61000-3-12
  • Other tests on request


Blaise Evéquoz, EMC Laboratory Manager
+41 58 606 87 09