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Building a set of Smart City services based on low cost, nomadic sensing and communication infrastructure


The Smart City paradigm is progressively shaping the way we interact with other citizens, with institutions, as well as the way in which all kind of resources are managed in an urban setting, enabling important efficiency gains.

This project aims at addressing one of the main issues related to such paradigm, i.e. the high cost of dedicated sensing, computing and communication infrastructure, which represent one of the main obstacles to the adoption of the Smart City paradigm.

We propose the design, prototyping and experimental validation of a platform for nomadic sensing, which exploits the moving infrastructure of a city in order to implement the sensing, computing and communication functionalities required by smart city services, in a cost effective way.

Through the proposed project, we aim at addressing all the technical issues related to sensing through a mobile, multi-service platform, through the implementation and evaluation of some representative smart city services. The ultimate goal of the project is to enable a cost-effective smart district paradigm, extending seamlessly from cities to towns and sparse, low density urban agglomerations.

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