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Social medial information analysis, statistical modelization and advanced visualization platform


The increasing use of social media as a communication tool has become an essential source of information for companies. Indeed, the comments of both current and potential customers, posted on the Internet, suggest that strategic and marketing exploitation is very interesting. However, while there are software platforms that can partially address this issue (either visualization, source combination or statistical modelling), there is no tool to solve this problem in an integrated way.

SoDA wants to create a tool that makes this information usable for companies and more particularly to provide real added value in terms of strategy. Certainly, these different customer returns, if understood and analyzed, can have a very interesting value:

  1. What are the characteristics of the products that appeal and which ones need to be improved?
  2. What are the needs of consumers?
  3. Who are my customers?

Last questions are some of the many to which partial answers can be provided through the use of social media data. And it is even possible to draw innovation potential from it by using the multitude of ideas launched on the net (crowd innovation)!

This project has several objectives:

  • Establishment of use cases: Thanks to the collaboration with the Institutes of Entrepreneurship & Management (IEM) and Tourism (ITO) of the HES-SO Valais-Wallis and the partnerships envisaged with companies such as Valais-Wallis Promotion, SoDA will try to provide answers to real problems in the Valais economy.
  • Exploring advanced visualization possibilities: visualizations such as "word clouds", "networkmining" or geographic visualization allow an exposure of knowledge extracted from data. In order to achieve this objective, the results of other data analysis and extraction projects will be used and enriched.
  • Construction of a test and validation platform: This integrated platform, although globally defined, will be implemented for two concrete use cases that we will adjust with our economic partners. We will therefore be able to count on the strong involvement of end users. The results will also be validated by professionals and our colleagues at the HES-SO Valais-Wallis institutes.
  • Generalization: The results will provide companies with a modular and versatile platform to enhance their own data.

SoDA will also position the network as an expert in data enhancement based on knowledge extraction and advanced visualization.

Results and prototypes

At the end of this project, two visualization prototypes were developed. These visualizations make it possible to demonstrate the results and thus highlight the advantages and performance of such a project.