Research/analysis conducted by a student at the end of the programme

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At the end of their education, each student will devote around 360 hours to completing their Bachelor’s thesis (BT). The subject chosen must be linked to the subjects they have studied and may aim to solve a specific problem put forward by a business or institution. As their final exam and first action as a professional, this allows the student to bring an individual project to completion, answer research questions and orally defend the work they have conducted. 

Role of the business 

The business or institution benefits from an external perspective, a managerial resource that may bring about innovative tools and suggestions and recommendations for the problems and challenges they encounter. In doing so, the business or institution becomes a key participant in the completion of the work.

Projects (unless confidential) are not remunerated, but the business undertakes to provide the student with human resources and the documents and techniques necessary to complete the BT.

Important information

Working with students must follow the requirements and the academic calendar, which may vary depending on the field of study chosen. In all cases, time for approving the subject proposed and a period for analysing and submitting the work must be expected. You will be informed of these scheduling details by the contact person for the Bachelor’s thesis. 

As students are free to choose their Bachelor’s thesis, not every subject proposed will be selected. The final quality of the Bachelor’s thesis will, of course, depend on the dedication of the student.


Examples of Bachelor’s theses 


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