From the second semester onwards, students carry out concrete projects with companies or organisations to acquire the skills they need for their personalised learning pathway. Working in groups, usually of 3 to 4 people, they analyse and implement the projects for which they have been commissioned.

The Digital Team Academy programme puts a process in place to ensure that business projects are set at the “right level” for the students’ skills.

Your organisation's role

Your organisation defines a project and presents it to the students. If your project is chosen, a group of students will carry it out according to a contract established between the various parties involved. The topic of this project must be appropriate for where the students are in their studies (the semester they are currently in). A representative from your organisation (Product Owner) must be available for meetings with the students.

Example project

As this concept is new, examples of projects will be included in this section starting from March 2022. The second semester will focus on “eManagement of organisations” so projects will focus on topics related to this (CRM, CMS, electronic document management, etc.).

Internships and bachelor's thesis


The bachelor's thesis is an individual practical project that represents 360 hours of work. The student works on solving a concrete problem faced by the participating organisation and must provide evidence-based answers to a research question about the problem. This particular type of bachelor's thesis is carried out within the framework of an internship at an external company or organisation and the school, the company/organisation and the students organise it jointly. The school is responsible for ensuring that the academic framework behind the different placements remains the same.

Your organisation's role

An internship contract lasting one semester is drawn up between the student, the company/organisation and the school. In this context, the subject of the bachelor's thesis is proposed and the company/organisation becomes a stakeholder in the completion of this thesis. The organisation must commit to providing the student with the human resources, documents and technical resources necessary for the completion of the thesis and for the internship to go smoothly.

Bachelor's thesis example

A bachelor's thesis that is completed by working at a company/organisation will have the same requirements as a “classic” bachelor's thesis. The first Digital Team Academy projects will be proposed in spring 2024.

Photo de Jean-Pierre Rey, Professeur à l'institut Informatique de la HES-SO Valais-Wallis
Professor UAS, Jean-Pierre Rey