Enrolment possible until May 31st here, the number of places is limited. Applications will be considered in the order received; when the maximum number of students is reached, a waiting list will be kept.

Specifities for the Life Sciences Engineering Bachelor (only in French or German)


The internship should offer a broad overview of the chosen profession. It must allow the intern to assimilate a specific and varied background for the use of specific intrusments, analytical techniques or fabrication processes. This experience - a source of discovery and curiosity - is done in a company or university laboratory. 

Beforehand, it is recommended to start with the prepatory internship organized at the Life Sciences' Institute. A real leap into the industrial world, this internship - optional - allows the high schooler to get acquainted with essential laboratory methods. 

> Internship Brochure (only French and German

> Practical preparatory courses/modules in Life Sciences in laboratories and pilot halls.

For those who behold a high school baccalaureate, you have the possibility as well to do your internship during the bachelor degree programme by integrating the «PiBS» programme. 

> Practice integrated Bachelor (PiBS) 

General Information

In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Universities of Applied Sciences (HES), the general conditions of admission are stated in the HES-SO Bachelor's degree admissions regulations. 

The conditions that depend on the fields of study and degree programmes are precised in the guidelines. They are identical for all students of a same degree programme, regardless of the University of Higher Education in which they register. 

TitleAdmission requirements
Federal Vocational Baccalaureate (FVB)Direct access depending on the type of Federal Diploma of VET (i.e. CFC), otherwise can be accessed with a year of experience in the professional world related to the HES degree programme
High School BaccalaureateAccess with either a year of experience in the professionnal world related to the HES degree programme
Either by integrating the «PiBS» programme which includes a year of experience during the 2nd year of study.
Specialized BaccalaureateDirect admission to the degree programme if completed apprenticeship in the field of study.
Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education (i.e. ES)Admission of graduates from a school of Higher Education in the Bachelor's degree programmes has been subject to the Swiss Conference of Universities of Applied Sciences recommendations
Foreign titlesSame conditions if the degree is recognised as being equivalent to a Swiss degree mentioned above.

More information

Degrees not mentionned aboveProcedure reserved for those 25 years or above, admission exam and at leat one year of experience in the professionnal world related to the degree programme.

If you have any questions and want to verify the validity of your professionnal experience, please contact the admission's service by e-mail at the following address : info.tevi@hevs.ch