SILab - Smart Infrastructure Laboratory

Welcome to the SI-Lab group website!

The SI-Lab group is bridging between the Institute of information systems and the institute of sustainable energy. We participate in activities of both institutes.
The goal of our group is to use ICT to evolve our infrastructures into smart ones. We currently see that the infrastructures we rely on, like our energy grid and power supply, are challenged and in transition. The usage of ICT as a part of our infrastructure can contribute significantly to an effective and efficient, but also affordable infrastructure, which is the base for modern societies and economic growth.
In particular we investigate the design and evaluation of systems that will be deployed in our infrastructure, and will enable us to use our existing infrastructures more effectively, and evolve them in a way that they can handle new challenges, like the current energy transition, or the drastic increase in traffic expected in the next decades.
We are investigating these paths to the development and usage of smart infrastructures in several fields of applications. In particular we address the fields of
  • smart grids
  • transportation
  • water management
Smart Infrastructure also implies an effective usage of resources. Therefore we also address the field Applied Planning and Optimization techniques, in which we combine our experience in the field of planning and optimization we have gathered in more than 10 years of applied research.