Our Service Design Methodology allows you to design services that meet the needs and expectations of your customers. Through an innovative approach based on roleplay and theatrical interactions, you will learn how to stage your service, improve it and control its quality.

In this module we will learn to design touristic products and services based on ethnomethodology and theater re-enactment. This service design methodology has been developed at HES-SO and follows the following process:

  • Ethnography through immersions, semi-directed interviews and social experiments to identify the salient attributes of a given touristic experience.
  • Script & Blueprint Development of a service experience script that “tangibilizes” and model the main service/product of the touristic experience.
  • Theater-based reenactment Role-play and theatre re-enactment techniques based on the script in order to visualize the problem resolution offered by the touristic product or service.
  • Production Development of “operating modes” and integration with real production of the service experiences based on the role-plays and rehearsals involving the sponsor.

Service Design - 4 Steps Methodology