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CubeSat board comprising an FPGA and a computer module

CubeSat 2U with solar cells and sensors on the faces

A CubeSat is a miniaturized satellite in the shape of a cube with a side of 10 cm in length. The board has been designed to fit in the adaptable structure defined by the Swiss company ELSE SA. It comprises a configurable digital circuit of FPGA kind and an interchangeable computer module. The board was first meant for image acquisition and processing, but it can more generally be used for other kinds of signal processing or as an On-Board Computer (OBC). Additionally to its 5 general purpose input/output connectors, the board comprises an analog to digital converter, in order to monitor the power supply voltages or to acquire signals at a rate up to 1 million samples per second.

CubeSat processing board with FPGA on left side and Gumstix computer module on the right side.