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Dr. Stefano Bromuri

Dr. Stefano Bromuri
FonctionAncien·ne collaborateur·trice
Téléphone+41 27 606 90 60
Fax+41 27 606 90 00

Dr. Stefano Bromuri is a senior research scientist at HES-SO, and he obtained his PhD at Royal Holloway university of London in October 2009, with a thesis on distributed agent environments titled Generalised Ontological Environments for Multiagent Systems (GOLEM). Dr Bromuri was directly involved with the EU FP6 ARGUGRID project where he was in charge of the implementation and testing of the infrastructure. In particular, Dr Bromuri expertise lays in distributed multi-agent systems with particular focus on the concept of agent environment, combining the concept of agent environment with multiple areas such as pervasive computing for assisted living, semantic Web combined with argumentation theory and distributed event based systems. At HES-SO, he is working as a working package leader in the EU FP7 COMMODITY12 project, in which he also leads the technical development of the project. Furthermore, Dr Bromuri works on innovative ways to manage pervasive healthcare environments for assisted living as co-investigator of the project G-DEMANDE and MONDAINE.

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Axes de recherche

  • Multi-agent Systems
  • Machine Learning applied to Medical Informatics
  • Logic Programming
  • Distributed computing
  • Mobile Computing
  • Ambient Intelligence
  • Pervasive Healthcare
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Expert Systems