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Du 29-03-2019 au 29-03-2019

3rd Workshop: The Future of Swiss Hydropower

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3rd Workshop: The Future of Swiss Hydropower
3rd Workshop: The Future of Swiss Hydropower

3rd Workshop: The Future of Swiss Hydropower

29.03.2019, 9:15-12:30
Welle 7
Schanzenstrasse 5 Bern

The NRP70 project “The Future of Swiss Hydropower: An Integrated Economic Assessment of Chances, Threats and Solutions” coordinates four clustered projects on hydropower operation and economic performance, hydropower investment and uncertainty, the regional impact and sustainability assessment of hydropower, as well as the effects of water fee reform options.

The aim of the third and final Workshop is to present results and insights obtained during the project along the market and policy dimensions. A particular focus will be placed on the impact of and discussion on potential policy and regulatory adjustments from different stakeholder perspectives. The Workshop provides the opportunity to exchange on results and conclusions obtained in the last four years and to identify challenges and obstacles that need to be resolved until 2024, when the water fee regime is to be revised again.


8:45 Registration and Coffee and Gipfeli
9:15 Welcome, Introduction and Project Overview

Market Realities

  • Ups and downs in coming years
  • Little money for flexibility
  • Uncertainty will become the norm
10:15 Break

Regulatory and Policy Challenges

  • Drivers and institutional issues
  • More than just energy
  • Water fees: company and canton perspectives
11:30 Discussion:
  • Where can and where can’t Swiss Hydro act?
  • Flexible water fees: compromise possible?
  • Electricity market design and hydropower
  • What needs to be done until 2024?
12:15 Summary, Open Points and Needed Next Steps
12:30 Lunch buffet


A summary and final report of the project will be made available before the workshop in mid-march. The workshop is free of charge, but space is limited. Please register with: hannes.weigt@unibas.ch.


Prof. Dr. René Schumann