Hes-so Valais



The project will develop a platform and a first set of products for the new generation of the SECU4 security card. This includes the design and the development of a whole software platform, together with a specific development of location based services, a study of the hardware antenna needs and the optimization of the battery consumption of the product.

The product concept is an accurate geolocation of valuables and people via a mobile phone. The proposed solution will allow SECU4 security card owner to identify and protect their property or their nearest and dearest family members in an active manner via GPS and GPRS technologies. The goal is to create an extremely size-reduced tag with autonomy of several years without having to be recharged. The application must be developed on major platforms of the market such as Android, Apple iPhone, RIM Blackberry and Microsoft WindowsPhone.

Our institute will especially specify and create the remote middleware layer. This infrastructure has three based responsibilities: ensure authentication of users, receive and store geo-location data and transmit in real time to smartphones the position of objects.

This project will be the technological platform for the future development of the company, especially the next generation of product range SECU4Bags, SECU4Pets & SECU4Kids.