Hes-so Valais

Innovations in Carpathian tourism

  • Cooperation with members of Coordination Team for implementation of Polish-Swiss cooperation strategy in scope of Carpathian tourism;
  • Cooperating with project staff;
  • Verifying and giving opinions on materials prepared by the members of Coordination Team in the area of the project implementation;
  • Arranging and evaluating of the activities taken up within the project and suggesting solutions;
  • Participation in two teleconferences dedicated to continue of cooperation until 2020 on the basis of activities indicated in Polish-Swiss cooperation strategy in scope of Carpathian tourism;
  • Leading the seminars in Rzesz6w and Krak6w dedicated to implementation of Swiss tourism innovations to Podkarpackie Province.
  • Preparation of content of a guide containing ways of action to implement tourism innovations;
  • Advisory in preparation of content of the platform www.visitcarpathia.com in Polish and English version;
  • Advisory in preparation of a promotional-training film which concerns implementation of innovations indicated in the strategy of Swiss-Polish tourism cooperation

Equipe de travail : Manu Broccard, Sonia Camus.