This two day course should enable the participants to read data into R, to do some basic data checking, data cleaning (day 1) and some basic statistical analyses in R.

The course is aimed at researchers who have a basic understanding of statistical analyses outside R, for example who know how to do a t-test or a linear regression in another statistical software, and would now like to do these analyses within R.

We will use R within RStudio and we will show some manipulations with “base”-R and with some selected packages.

It is possible to take only one of the two days (i.e. only Day 1 Data Wrangling, or only Day 2 Introduction to Statistics with R). If you take only Day 2, you need to have R and R-Studio installed before the course (We can help you by e-mail to install R and R-Studio).

We will offer each day at two different days, you can select the day you fits better (you “need” only to take on of the two days