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Prof. Dr. Jean-Manuel Segura

Professeur·e HES
Bureau ENP 19.N507

Prof. Dr. Jean-Manuel Segura graduated from EPFL in chemical engineering and obtained his Ph.D. from ETHZ in physical chemistry. He then specialized in biophysics and bioanalytics, especially in advanced fluorescence technologies, during several post-docs and group leader positions in The Netherlands and Switzerland. He joined the Institute Life Technologies as a professor of general and analytical chemistry in 2008.

His research focusses on the design and development of novel bioanalytical assays and biosensors for various onsite applications, in particular for rapid point-of-care testing in in vitro diagnostics. His expertise lies at the crossroad between assay development, paper-based analytical devices, bioconjugate synthesis and fluorescence technologies.

His current research interests include:

  • The development of novel point-of-care diagnostic devices, e.g. for therapeutic drug monitoring.
  • The design of a new generation of quantitative lateral flow immunoassays with improved performance, e.g. for the monitoring of chronic stress using salivary cortisol or the differential diagnosis of fever.
  • The development of microfluidic paper-based analytical devices, e.g. for monitoring the health status using joint quantification of glucose and cholesterol or for detecting bacterial infections such as Chlamydia Trachomatis using LAMP isothermal amplification.
  • The synthesis of novel “smart” sensor molecules such as supramolecular biosensors or molecularly-imprinted polymers.
  • The design of novel oxidation assays for food products such as wine.
  • The conception of novel fluorescence readers in collaboration with groups specialized in optics