In our globalized society mobility has become a matter of course. The traffic infrastructure, which is used for many kinds of logistics as well as individual use, has become a critical infrastructure of our society. ICT becomes more and more ubiquitous in this infrastructure. Traffic management (independent of the actual carrier) relies more and more on ICT system, that plan, control and monitor the traffic flows.

SI-Lab is researching at this frontier and promoting with their work the transition of our traffic infrastructure. Therefore we collaborate with international researchers within the COST ACTION ARTS (“Towards Autonomic Road Transport Support Systems“) . You can find more information about COST-ARTS here.

In particular SI-Lab is investigating

  • The design and evaluation of adaptive traffic control strategies
  • The effective usage of traffic simulations
  • The interplay between different heterogeneous locally optimizing sub-systems, as today fleet management, and Car2Car communication becomes vendor specific a reality, which can change the overall system performance
  • Routing problems


You can find our publications about Smart Infrastructures here.

List of projects

Currently SI-Lab is involved in the following Energy related projects :