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The Smart Infrastructure Laboratory of HES-SO VS has joined the Competence Center for Research in Energy, Society and Transition - SCCER CREST ( The SCCER CREST is one of the eight SCCERS that are funded by the national Energy funding programme, managed by CTI ( Joining this network is a great acknowledgment for the competences and efforts the Smart Infrastructure Laboratory has achieved in the last years.

Within the SCCER-CREST we are active in the WP 3 "Energy Policy, Markets and Regulation" teaming up with our research partners to investigate energy policies and energy market regulations from a legal, political and economic perspective.

In our research we try to bring forward the field Agent-based Computation Econmics (ACE), and combine methods coming from fields like Artificial Intelligence with classical Economic research, e.g. Computable general equilibrium (CGE) models. In particular we try to provide models that can capture the demand, not only deriving it as a measure that only depends on price, GDP and population size, but more in contrast as a result of decision making in indivuduals. Therefore we explore the potential of Multi-Agent-based Modeling and Simulation (MABS). Therefore we cloesly collaborate also with the members of the WP 2 "Change of Behavior" of the SCCER CREST. Thus, we integrate insights from fields like Psychology, Sociology and other fields of research, and try to integreate their insights into computational models, making the results available to the models of economic reseaerchs. 

As a member of the SCCER CREST, Prof. Dr. René Schumann is also member of the Executive Board of the SCCER CREST. 

Start 01 / 2017
End 12 / 2020
Funding CTI, HES - SO, eEnergyCenter