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Développement d'une montre à mouvement analogique quartz connecté, dont les moteurs bidirectionnels sont pilotés via Bluetooth LE par une application iPhone

Breitling B55 connected watch

Soprod SA is at the same time a traditional manufacturer for high quality quartz watch clockworks and a most innovative company that has develeopped and built the first Swisss made connected quartz watch. Their clockworks can be connected to Smartphones und thus be inetgrated into cloud based systems. Today, world class watch brands such as Breitling use the connected watch technology from Soprod SA.

Soprod SA has made contact with the Institute of Systems Engineering (Embedded Communicating Systems reasearch group) in 2013 in order to develop this new technology. Bluetooth Smart was chosen as communication technology because Nordic Semiconductor just got ready on the market with their 51822 family in 3.5 x 3.5 mm size. This chipset was ideally featured for smart watch purposes because of its very small size and it's low power consumption. Several prototypes have been built until the first connected watch was presented together with a small IOS application at Baselworld 2015.

The most famous product out of this research project is the Breitling B55 connected watch. In the mean time, the ECS group has developed for Soprod SA a complete software architecture with it's own watch optimized  operating system, a power manager reducing stand by consumption to less than a µA and a complete IOS and Android communication library. Currently, the Embedded Communicating Systems laboratory also migrates the Soprod SA technology palette to the new 52832 family of the Nordic chip that is still smaller and much more energy aware.