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Prof. Dr. Sandra Galle

Professor/in FH
E-Mail sandra.galle@hevs.ch
Büro VS-ENP. 19.N315

Sandra Galle is a food biotechnologist with extensive academic and industrial expertise on an international scale. Her academic journey commenced at the University of Vienna in Austria and Michigan State University in the USA, culminating in a PhD in Food Science and Technology from University College Cork in Ireland. During her doctoral studies, Sandra conducted research at the University of Alberta in Canada, where she later continued as a post-doctoral researcher.

In 2013, Sandra transitioned to Nestlé, where she played a pivotal role in leading successful R&D projects, initially as a scientist and later in product development. Her contributions were recognized with numerous Nestlé Business and R&D awards.

Sandra's research interests lie in the biotransformation of raw materials and side-stream products through fermentation and enzymatic treatment, aiming to enhance food quality naturally while minimizing waste. With over a decade of expertise in enzymatic processes and fermentation, particularly in carbohydrate and cereal science, Sandra's work is closely aligned with food innovation and consumer science, contributing to the development of sustainable food systems.

Furthermore, Sandra serves as a Principal Investigator at The Sense research center, where she explores the intricate realms of cognition and perception, with a specific focus on chemical senses. 




Galle Sandra