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Prof. Dr. Marc Emil Pfeifer

Professor/in FH
E-Mail marc.pfeifer@hevs.ch
Büro ENP 19.N508

With his project team, Dr. Marc Pfeifer participates in several national and international research projects. He is an expert in the development and validation of in-vitro medical diagnostic (IVD) systems, particularly of molecular (nucleic acid, PCR) and immunochemistry (peptides, proteins) based platforms. Among other responsibilities during his tenure in industry he has successfully lead Biologics License Applications (BLA) towards FDA approval.

His team carries out publicly funded projects or projects for industrial clients in following areas:

  • Development of biosensors, miniaturized test devices and (bio-) analytical methods, e.g. based on ELISA and DNA/peptide/protein microarray type approaches.
  • Mass spectroscopy based characterization of bio-molecules utilizing liquid chromatography coupled to electrospray ionization (LC-ESI-MS) and matrix assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI) methods.
  • Design and synthesis of biologically active peptide mimetics and structural studies (molecular dynamics).

If he is not in his laboratory or office he can be found at home developing a new curry recipe, working out in a Karate Dojo or climbing the mountains.


Pfeifer Marc Emil