The paradigm of Rich-Clients in Web-development is currently pre-dominat. In particular with the standardization of HTML 5.

Thus,JavaScript has become a virtually unaviodable candidate for web-programming these days. In the RIA course the usage of JavaScript and in general HTML 5 techniques is in the focus.

The goal of the course is to provide insights into JavaScript and get first hand experience in programming Rich Clients, that can be executed in the Web-browser. Therefore the students will develop browser games in small groups. A selection of created games is available here http://teachingse.hevs.ch/games/WebContent/Games.html  (password protected area).
SI-Lab is responsible for providing this course in German language.

This course is part of the Module 624-2 Software Engineering you can find more information about the module in the linked Module descriptors (FrenchGermanEnglish).


Students can find more materials in Cyberlearn:

Cyberlearn module Nr.: 14_HES-SO_VS_624-2_SoftwareEngineering

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