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PMU-based adaptive protections for active distribution grids


As the integration of Distributed Generation (DG) in distribution grids continues to increase, traditional protection schemes are becoming inadequate. The project goal is to develop a novel method that adapts in real-time the protection settings to the changing grid operating conditions, such as DG power and grid topology (including islanded operation of microgrids). The DG fault-current contribution is a key protection parameter, but it is often known with high uncertainty. The proposed method creates DG equivalent models exploiting the highly accurate and granular measurements of Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs), which are used to calculate the DG fault-current contributions that are the inputs for updating protection settings. The validation is expected to be carried out on representative distribution grids of Services industriels de Genève modelled into the real-time simulator of the EPFL-DESL laboratory. The scientific outcomes could be a relevant input for further development of Zaphiro’s grid-management solution.