Applied Planning & Optimization

Applying techniques for planning, scheduling and optimization has been one of the initial fields in SI-Lab researchers, and is often in the core of our projects. Thereby we have mainly worked in the fields of logistics, covering different fields of applications :

  • Workforce scheduling 
  • Package planning 
  • Production planning 
  • Container Terminal Management 
  • Vehicle Routing Problems 
  • Operation of Virtual Power Plants (VPP) 


We thereby rely on a large set of different methods and techniques to provide high-quality solutions. In the projects we have worked with techniques like

  • Heuristics
  • Meta-Heuristics
  • OR Methods
  • Distributed Constraint Optimization Problems (DCOP)



You can find our publications about Applied Planning & Optimization here.

List of projects

Currently SI-Lab is involved in the following Applied Planning & Optimization related projects :