The aim of the EDHEA goes beyond the training of future artists and designers. A school such as ours teaches its students not only the skills of the trade (which are, of course, essential), but also how to think about the world and how to develop their creativity in a variety of fields.

Creativity, an asset that can open many doors beyond those of an artist’s studio. The journey of an art school graduate does not necessarily take him or her to the sanctified space of art institutions, but could lead up to a variety of professions in the fields of culture, mediation, art criticism and visual communication.

Our school cultivates and develops the spirit of a structure devoted to experimentation and research. Our many projects, exhibitions, publications, conferences and symposiums allow for a transdisciplinary reading of visual arts and for a dialogue with theatre, dance, graphic design or even architecture. We place a special emphasis on sound in an expanded disciplinary field.

In conclusion, the EDHEA aims to accompany its students on their artistic and/or professional journey  by encouraging openess to all disciplines.

Besides the art college, EDHEA offers two vocational training courses (Graphic design course and Federal Vocational Baccalaureate in visual arts and applied arts) as well as one preparatory course (Foundation Course in art and design).