Part of an education module and led by a group of students or a business school

During their studies, students acquire various skills that they must implement to complete specific projects under the supervision of specialist lecturers as part of their university programme or chosen option. 

Role of the business 

The business suggests a project, subject or analysis they would like students to work on. The project must include an educational aspect and allow students to put the theoretical knowledge gained during their education into practice. As such, “day-to-day” tasks that an employee of the business may complete, a commercial mandate or even client solicitation or canvassing are not permitted.

The business undertakes to provide students with the necessary resources and information to complete the work on time. As a general rule, projects are remunerated (an average flat-rate price of between CHF 250.00 and 500.00).

Important information

Working with students must follow the academic calendar, which may vary depending on the field of study chosen. The project schedule shall be confirmed by the contact person for your project proposal.

Examples of business projects 

See examples of projects on the theme that interests you in the areas of activity section

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